Connected IoT and mobile products, and custom software development services.

S3 (Alpha) - Share, store, and stream data over WiFi on-the-go
PicShareIt - Group photo sharing over WiFi with web browsers
SilverQube - Platform and API for sharing data over WiFi between apps, web browsers, wearable, or IOT devices
Appception IDE - Build hybrid mobile apps on the cloud

Custom Software Development

We specialize in:
  • Networking [wireless/wired protocol stacks, servers, streaming]
  • IoT software [OpenWrt, RTOS; new hardware ports]
  • IoT standards [AllJoyn, OMA]
  • Web protocols [HTTP, WebSockets, WebRTC; libraries, servers, and APIs]
  • Web app software [HTML, CSS, JavaScript]
  • Cross-platform (hybrid) mobile apps
  • Android (web, hybrid, Java SDK, C/C++ NDK)
We are also called in to turnaround failing projects and solve hard architectural, design, or performance problems.

Other projects

  • PresentIt - share presentations over WiFi using a web browser
  • IoT water flow measurement device (won Marvell prize, Internet of Things World Hackathon 2014)
  • Customizations for Concrete5 CMS
  • Reworked enterprise software licensing web app
  • HTML5 performance analysis for mobile devices (with CMU-SV Graduate School)
  • ABug - test and debug Android apps over WiFi
  • JavaScript MPL - add PayPal to hybrid apps on Android

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