What is AppBuilder?
AppBuilder is a cloud-based IDE for building Native Android apps in HTML5.
How does is work?
AppBuilder is a web service, accessed interactively through a web browser.
AppBuilder builds apps from one or more HTML/CSS/JavaScript files.
Apps are then available for:
Demo apps are available with complete source code.
For more information, see the FAQ.
To get started, login or setup an account.
Top 10 Reasons to Use AppBuilder
1. Cloud-hosted: No Java JDK, Android SDK, Eclipse IDE, or other software to download, install, or maintain.
2. Native apps in HTML5 (HTML/CSS/JavaScript): No Java required.
3. Choice of JavaScript GUI libraries (e.g. Jo, jQuery Mobile, JQTouch, Sencha).
4. Web-based development: No desktop tool installation or configuration required.
5. Multiple web browsers: Firefox, Safari, Chrome
6. Tools: App preview, Emulator, Device simulation, Inspector, Signer
7. Live app demonstrations with app sharing.
8. Versioning: debug, test, and production builds.
9. Demo apps with downloadable source code available.
10. Device Portability: works with both Smartphones and Tablets.