Appception IDE
What is the Appception IDE?
The Appception IDE is a cloud-based system for building multi-platform HTML5 hybrid apps.
Hybrid apps are distributed through app stores, and downloaded and installed the same as native apps, but written in HTML, JavaScript, and CSS rather than native languages.
Supported platforms:
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How does it work?
The Appception IDE has a set of tools and services for building apps on the cloud without requring software installation.
Developers access the IDE with a web browser (like Webmail and other web-based services) to design, build, and test apps.
What does it cost?
Appception is currently in early release, and is FREE.
Upon production release, both free and subscription versions are expected to be available.
How do I learn more?
For more information, see Features, FAQ or Contact us.
Are any Demo apps available?
Yes. Demo apps are available with complete source code.
How can I get started?
To get started, login or setup an account.
Why should I use the Appception IDE?
Top 10 Reasons to Use Appception IDE
1. Code in HTML5 (HTML/CSS/JavaScript): no native programming required.
2. Multi-platform: supports Android Phones/Tablets and iOS iPhone/iPad.
3. App store ready: submit Android apps to Google Play or iOS apps to iOS App Store
4. Cloud-based IDE: access from anywhere, no software to download or install
(e.g. for Android, no Java JDK, Android SDK, Eclipse IDE, or other software required)
5. Multiple JavaScript UI libraries (e.g. Jo, jQuery Mobile, JQTouch, Sencha Touch).
6. Choice of web browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari
7. Tools: App Preview, Emulator [Android only], Web Inspector, Code Signer
8. Desktop file integration: HTML file upload/download, drag-and-drop, FTP, WebDAV
9. Live app demonstrations with app sharing.
10. Demo apps (with full source code)