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Open Cloud Services
  • Access: use from any desktop, laptop, or ultrabook
  • Browser support: Chrome 10+, Firefox 4+, Safari 5+ (Mac)
  • Data safety: redundant storage, auto-backups
  • Firewall compatible: HTTP, HTTPS
  • Reliable: Amazon AWS-backed
  • Redundant: multiple machine instances
  • Security: SSL/TLS
Open Project Management
  • App naming: unique (reverse domain name, dotted)
  • App library: none, Cordova (formerly PhoneGap)
  • Multiple SDK target versions
  • Import: HTML file upload, drag-and-drop
  • Export: .zip archive
Open File Management
  • File/folder operations: new, cut/copy/paste, move, delete, rename, properties, save, save as, save all
  • Import: HTML file upload, drag-and-drop, .zip compressed, .zip unpacked
  • Export: file, .zip archive
  • FTP/FTPS/SFTP file transfer
  • WebDAV remote editing
  • Single folder open/close: click on +/-
  • All folder open/close: double-click on project folder
Open Code Editors
  • ACE, CodeMirror
  • Operations: cut/copy/paste, undo/redo, find/replace
  • Indent / Auto-indent
  • Format
  • Font selection: size, style
  • Highlighting
  • Goto line
  • Line numbering
Open Desktop Editor Integration
  • Drag-and-drop folders and files from desktop into browser
  • FTP/FTPS/SFTP file transfer
  • WebDAV (makes project look like a remote hard drive e.g. 'Y:')
Open Preview Mode
  • Preview app in web browser (browser Window popups must be enabled)
  • Test / Debug: browser developer tools (e.g. CDT, WebKit Inspector)
  • Cordova (PhoneGap): sensor stub functions
  • Instant code update: reload browser page
  • Share: preview URL publically available
Open Emulator [Android]
  • Genuine cloud-based Android SDK Emulators (1)
  • SDK versions: phone, tablet
  • Multiple screen sizes, orientations
  • Full build: auto-load app
  • Fast build: fast-update app
  • Firewall compatible
  • Debugger: weinre (WebKit inspector remote)
  • Log file display
  • Multi-user access: emulator sharing

  • Note (1): audio channel not supported
Open Device [Android]
  • Wifi connection: no USB cable required
  • App install: URL, QR code reader, or ABug (automated)
  • Debugger: weinre (WebKit inspector remote)
  • Log file display
  • ABug utility app: auto-update, fast-update, log
  • Full build: auto-update with ABug
  • Fast build: fast-update with ABug
  • Debug build: auto code-signing
  • Release certificate management: generation / view / delete
Open Device [iOS]
  • Wifi connection: no USB cable required
  • App install: OTA ("over-the-air") with Mobile Safari
  • Debugger: weinre (WebKit inspector remote)
  • Build types: Development / Ad Hoc / App Store