Releasing an iOS app to the iOS App Store  
What are the general steps for preparing and submitting apps to the iOS App Store?
In order to submit apps to the App Store, you must become an Apple Developer and then join the iOS Developer Program. To do so, follow the links on
Once you have registered as an iOS Developer see the App Store Resource Center for further details.
What are the steps for building the app using Appception so that it can be submitted to the iOS App Store?
A Distribution Certificate (in .p12 format), and an App Store provisioning profile (.mobileprovision) are required to build an app using Appception.
A Distribution Certificate (in .cer format) and a App Store provisioning profile (.mobileprovision) may be obtained using the iOS Developer Portal, iOS Dev Center, and the iOS Provisioning Portal.
Then, the Distribution Certificate (in .cer format) must be converted to a Distribution Certificate (in .p12 format); this conversion is described in the FAQ. The .p12 format file includes both the Distribution Certificate and a private key; it may be used to sign an app.
Next, the Distribution Certificate (in .p12 format) and the App Store provisioning profile (.mobileprovision) must be uploaded to the 'ios/build/release' folder of the app. See the Projects tutorial for more information about uploading files.
Then, the app should be built for Release. Note that the password used to generate the Distribution Certificate (.p12) must be entered to build.
Note: iOS apps may also be built for Test or AdHoc Distribution.
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