Web Sites, Web Apps, and Mobile Counterparts
Web Site
A URL or web address that displays pages of information, commonly about a company (or organization or person), product, or service.
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Web App
A URL or web address that activates a software program or "application" running on a web server.
Also see: Wikipedia: Web App
Mobile Web Site
A web site that has been optimized for access from mobile device web browsers. Mobile web sites may be optimized to improve appearance on smaller screens, support touch interaction, or work better with low-bandwidth connections.
Also see: Wikipedia: Mobile Web
Mobile Web App
A web app that has been optimized for use with mobile device web browsers. In addition to changes made for mobile web sites, mobile web apps may be tuned to synchronize with data accessed and stored using web apps, and are more likely to use advanced HTML5 features such as geolocation.
Mobile Hybrid App
A web app that has been "packaged" for distribution though an app store to be installed on a mobile device. Compared to mobile web apps, mobile hybrid apps can also typically access devices directly (e.g. use sensors, manage contact databases, receive push notifications), are not restricted by web browser single origin security policies, and, depending upon mobile device user permissions, may interact with other mobile apps.
Mobile Native App
A software program written in the native language for a mobile device (e.g. C/C++, Objective-C, Java). A mobile native app has access to all device functions permitted by the device manufacturer and operating system.