Creating beautiful and responsive HTML5 mobile apps is a challenging task.
Compiled below are a set of resources which we hope may be of assistance.
If you know of a resource that is not listed, please let us know!
Common Definitions
Web Sites, Web Apps, and Mobile Counterparts
25 Tricks for Designing Responsive HTML5 Mobile Apps.html
5 Ways to Speedup HTML5 Mobile Apps with Built-in Functions
UI Utilities
autoComplete - jQuery Mobile Autocomplete library supports both local and remote data sources.
iScroll - add scrolling and other touch features to content areas.
swipeButton - jQuery Mobile plugin adds swipe to listviews.
textCounter - displays a character countdown for text entry boxes.
FastClick - touch events library makes clicks more responsive.
Web Resources
HTML5 Rocks - all kinds of information about HTML5
Steve Souders - wealth of information on general web performance much of which is directly applicable to mobile