SilverQube Demos
The SilverQube Demos are examples of web apps that share data between a server and a client.
Demo Installation
To install the Demos:
  • Unpack the .zip into a temporary directory
  • Copy the contents of the temporary directory to the device (e.g. to the 'Download' directory on the device)
  • Set the SilverQube root directory (Settings menu, 'Root Dir' entry) to the directory where contents were copied (e.g. /sdcard/Download)
The Demos are now ready to access by pointing a web browser at the IP of the device and SilverQube port number followed by the directory name, the name of one of the Demo directories and one of its HTML files (for a server, typically 'server.html' or 's.html'; for a client, typically 'client.html' or 'c.html'). See the Demo source files for more details.