What is SilverQube?
SilverQube is a platform for sharing data over WiFi between apps and/or web browsers without a cellular or internet connection.
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How does it work?
SilverQube connects apps and/or web browsers on the same WiFi network, allowing data to be shared between two or more devices. Data transfer is fast and operation is highly responsive. SilverQube may be accessed with a simple API and uses industry standard protocols.
What are some of the details of sharing?
SilverQube enables sharing between "clients" and "servers" located on the same WiFi network. Generally, a "server" (e.g. an app or web app) connects to SilverQube, and then accepts connections from "clients" (through SilverQube). Clients locate servers using a well-known URL, or are sent this information by email, NFC, QR code, or other methods. Once connected, clients and servers may share any type of data.
What are some use cases?
Here are some use cases for SilverQube.
How is SilverQube packaged? Is hardware required?
SilverQube is packaged as a mobile app. No hardware beyond a mobile device with WiFi is required.
How do I learn more?
For more information, see Documentation, Features, FAQ or Contact us.
Are any Demo apps available?
Yes. Demo apps are available with complete source code.
How can I get started?
To get started, see the SilverQube Documentation
Why should I use SilverQube?
Top 10 Reasons to Use SilverQube
1. No data plan required: works over WiFi; does not require a cellular connection
2. Platform independent: sharing works with any web browser, native app, or hybrid app.
3. Easy to install: only one SilverQube needed per WiFi network.
4. Easy to integrate: JavaScript API + demos make it easy to test from web browsers.
5. Secure: operator configurable port and authentication key.
6. Fast and Responsive: high-speed and low-latency data transfers.
7. No cloud services required: share data directly without external services.
8. API: build custom apps to share any type of data.
9. Legacy support: compatible with older web browsers.
10. Demo apps (with full source code)