SilverQube: Key Features Show all
Open API
  • API Libraries: JavaScript
  • Network protocols: WebSocket, HTTP
Open App
  • Operation: background service
  • Platforms: Android 2.3.3+
  • Power: requires WiFi (generally uses less power than screen or cellular network)
Open "Clients" and "Servers"
  • App: native, hybrid, HTML5
  • Web / Mobile Web: all popular web browsers
  • Other: any program may access using SilverQube APIs
Open Connectivity
  • Client/Servers: sharing may be between two parties (a "client" and a "server") or among a group (multiple clients and a server)
  • Hardware: requires a WiFi connection (but no cellular data plan or internet connection)
  • Topology: centralized (data is sent to SilverQube and then re-distributed)
Open Performance
  • Architecture: centralized (sharing requires two hops: server-to-SilverQube, SilverQube-to-client)
  • Speed: streaming performance depends primarily on WiFi bandwidth
  • Responsiveness: WebSocket (millisecond-range); HTTP (sender transactional latency when receiver using long-polling)
Open Privacy
  • Data privacy: data travels over WiFi network (not across cellular or internet connection)
Open Security
  • Acesss: configurable server password (servers may enforce client passwords / data security)
Open Use Cases